Mon. May 29th, 2023
Election of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

After three rounds of voting, no result has come in the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress. As a result, the election has been postponed till Wednesday local time. This has increased the waiting list to find out whether the candidate leading the Republican party, Kevin McCarthy, will finally become the speaker.

According to news media CNN, the Speaker election was held on Tuesday in the House of Representatives. In the last mid-term elections in the United States, the Republican Party won the majority in the House of Representatives. As such, it was assumed that McCarthy, the party’s candidate, would be the speaker. However, the division between the Republican members of the House of Badh Sadhe.

McCarthy needed at least 218 votes to be elected Speaker. He got 202 votes in the third round of voting on Tuesday. Another member of the Republican Party, Jim Jordan, received 20 votes. Jordan was nominated for speaker by the 20 Republicans who voted for McCarthy.

However, no one else in the House of Representatives could meet the target of 218 votes. All Democrats in the House voted for their candidate, Hakeem Jeffries. As a result, he is ahead with maximum 212 votes. But in the end, it is believed that he will not be able to be elected Speaker. Because the Democrats do not have a majority in the House.

Meanwhile, Jim Jordan said about the election, he has no chance to be speaker. He will ask party members to support Kevin McCarthy in Wednesday’s fourth round election. Even before the run-off, he said McCarthy was the right person for the speakership.

But Republican members who voted against Kevin McCarthy are reluctant to listen to Jordan. According to them, they are not going back from the decision taken on Tuesday. Even more are expected to stand against McCarthy on Wednesday. One such Republican is Bob Goode. He said, they have taken the final decision against McCarthy.

After Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives in last November’s midterm elections, the election of a new speaker was paved. As such, the election was organized on Tuesday. However, this kind of postponement of elections is very rare in the history of the United States. The last adjournment of the Speaker election in the House of Representatives took place almost 100 years ago, in 1923.

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