Mon. May 29th, 2023
Pele Passed Away

Pele passed away late on Thursday night Indian time. He was undergoing treatment at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo. He will not be moved out of the hospital now. The body of the legendary footballer will be kept in the hospital. The Brazilian government has planned a state funeral. How the funeral will be done will be informed.

According to Brazilian media, Pele’s funeral will be held on Tuesday. Before that, his body will be kept at Santos Stadium from Monday. Pele played some of the best matches of his football career in that stadium called Villa Belmiro. Many memorable goals have been scored in that stadium. The common people of Brazil can pay their last respects to Pele’s Villa Belmiro.

According to a statement from Santos, Pele’s body will be brought from the hospital to the stadium on Monday morning. It will be kept in the middle of the field. Common people can come and pay respect to Pele from 10 am. Tributes can be paid till 10 am on Tuesday. After that Pele’s coffin will be paraded through the streets of Santos. It will also pass in front of his ancestral home, where Pele’s centenarian mother Celeste now lies. But he will not see the last journey of his son. Because now you can’t get out of bed.

Pele will be cremated at the Memorial Necropole Ecumenica in Santos. Only family members can be present there. Pele has a house in Santos, where he spent most of his life. Later he moved to Guaruja City. He remained there until his death.

Pele was suffering from bowel cancer since 2021. He was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on November 29 after his condition deteriorated during the World Cup in Qatar. On December 22, the incidence of cancer suddenly increased. He did not return home following the advice of the doctors. Pele spent Christmas this year in hospital. His daughter Kelly posted a picture of her father hugging her in bed. His son Edison also reached the hospital last Saturday. Family members have been by his side in the hospital for the past few days. But the last defense did not happen. Doctors could not recover the king of football. Pele went to the land of eternal sleep.

He is the “greatest” footballer of the 20th century as judged by the “FIFA” magazine readers and the jury board. However, general football fans on the internet voted in favor of Diego Maradona. FIFA eventually announced the two men jointly as the Centenarians. Maradona died suddenly in 2020 at the age of 60. This time Pele also lost the world.

Pele was born on October 23, 1940. Father’s given name is Edson Arantes Di Nascimento. However, the world did not know him by that name. First World Cup for Brazil in 1958. Played in four consecutive World Cups. Among them, Brazil is the three-time champion. No other footballer in the world has won three World Cups.