Mon. May 29th, 2023
World Cup surgery

Doctors are doing surgery on the patient. The patient is lying on the ‘operation table’. But he has no headache with surgery! The patient’s eyes are on the TV. At that time, the World Cup football match was being broadcast on TV. Such pictures have come to light on social media.

At the moment, the whole world is suffering from World Cup football fever. That patient is no exception. The hospital authorities arranged televisions in the operating room for the patient so that the game would not be disturbed during the surgery. The incident took place in Kielce, Poland.

On November 25, the patient underwent a lower body surgery. The patient is anesthetized for surgery. But he had knowledge. So the patient enjoyed playing on Divya TV. A picture about this has gone viral. Where seen, doctors are doing surgery. And the patient is lying on the ‘operation table’ and watching TV. That day there was a match between Iran and Wales. Many people have enjoyed this film. However, Anandabazar Online has not verified the authenticity of this photo.