Mon. May 29th, 2023
crack lips

Lips are now chapped throughout the year. But the problem is more pronounced as the weather is dry in winter. Because of this, lips need extra attention. If you take special care right now before going to bed at night, your lips will stay fresh and bright throughout the winter.

Using home packs for lip skin care will bring special benefits, says Sobhon Saha, a esthetician at Shobhan Makeover. For this you can scrub the skin of the lips before going to sleep. Mix half a teaspoon of sour yogurt with half a teaspoon of icing sugar. This icing sugar can be made from sugar at home. Apply this mixture on the lips and wait for 10 minutes. Massage for some time before washing off. In addition to improving blood circulation, the dead skin of the lips will also come off. After cleaning the skin with this scrubber, rub lemon slices with the peel on the lips. It will remove the black spots on the lips. Then wash your lips with water and apply lip balm. For those with extra dry lips use olive oil. The esthetician suggested following this method three days a week.

In winter, many people use glycerin directly on the lips. It does not benefit, on the contrary it damages the skin of the lips. Sobhon suggested using other ingredients along with glycerin. For example, you can mix 10 parts of rose water with 3 parts of glycerin.

If you always feel dry skin in winter, you can use lip balm or moisturizer. For those with dry lips, petroleum jelly with cocoa butter should be used. If you want, you can use butter or butter instead of lip balm.

Now it’s time for the ceremony. Will those who already have chapped lips go to the event without lipstick? Shobhan Saha’s special advice for them is to apply glycerin thickly on their lips an hour before dressing. But don’t use matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out the skin. Use glossy lipstick instead. Always apply primer before applying lipstick.

Drink plenty of water. Vitamin C-rich fruits help maintain healthy skin. So you can eat vitamin C-rich fruits like amlaki, orange in winter. Also try to include vegetable soup in the diet. Vegetables will help to increase the glow of the skin.

1. Many wet their lips at this time. It cannot be done at all. Use lip balm only when lips feel dry.

2. Never go to bed without wearing lipstick. Make sure to use olive oil or coconut oil to lift the lipstick. Apart from this, it is better not to put lipstick on the lips for a long time during winter.

3. Never use soap or face wash on your lips. It makes the skin drier.

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