Mon. May 29th, 2023
Do not eat less but how to control weight

It’s a misconception that you need to cut down on food or not eat to lose weight. Falling back on this idea, many people stumble at the beginning of weight control. If you make weight loss too difficult, the path to achieving your goals becomes more difficult. Food must be eaten to satisfy hunger. Rather, it is important to take care of what food you eat, what you eat it with, how long you eat it.

The type of food is important

Eat the amount of food that you are used to eating. But the type of food should be changed. Try to reduce the amount of rice and bread and increase the amount of vegetables and salads. But don’t use high-calorie salad dressings. Keep a variety of vegetables in the list of every meal. Choose whole grains (not refined). Eat less meat. Foods like sandwiches, burgers, pasta, noodles or pizza are not to be completely avoided. Rather, they can be made with slightly different ingredients (such as vegetables) outside of the conventional trend. Keep the amount of mayonnaise in these foods low. Avoid extra cheese. In many cases, just a little olive oil will add flavor to the food. The thinner the pizza crust, the lower the sugar content. If you want, you can make delicious and healthy food with Formash.

Eat something before meals

Eat soup before meals. Choose liquid soups (vegetables) like water. Avoid sticky or creamy soups. If you eat a lot of soup in the beginning, the amount of other food will decrease. A bowl of dal before a meal can also be a substitute for soup. Or a little salad at the beginning.

With food, after food

If you are in the habit of eating sauce (white or red) with your food, avoid it. Sugar in chutneys or pickles can also become a hindrance in your weight loss journey. Instead, make your main dish delicious by adding various spices, different flavored vegetables (fresh tomatoes, carrots etc.) or sour fruits (or its juice).

If you have a habit of eating sweet foods after meals, make a habit of eating fruits or sour yogurt instead.

Drink fruit juice instead of soft drinks. But don’t add sugar to it. Keep the amount of sugar and salt low in Borhani.

If you are in the habit of drinking tea and coffee, reduce the amount of sugar there too little by little. Once you can have tea and coffee without sugar. You can also practice green tea.