Mon. May 29th, 2023
Taylor Swift

Musician Taylor Swift came in front of fans with ‘All to Well: The Short Film’ at the Toronto International Film Festival. This time he is in the role of director. He said that he is thinking of directing a full-length film in the future.

In the evening of the film festival, a special panel discussion was organized on Taylor’s filmmaking methods. Taylor himself wrote the screenplay for the short film. He also directed and produced. Not only that, he also made his appearance in the film.

Producer Cameron Bailey asked if Taylor would be interested in making a feature film this time around. The new director said in response, if there is such a story, why not! In Taylor’s words, “I want to go slowly. But I think I’ve reached a point now where I can take a bit of a big step without being so cautious. And that is to make a full-length film. I love to tell stories my way. So just waiting for a good opportunity.”

Taylor also said that he wants to tell human stories about human emotions. You definitely can’t think of directing an action scene right now. But it won’t be bad if something like that happens someday. He also said that he doesn’t want to keep himself stuck in the story of heartbreak all the time. Because such experiences at a young age are very painful. Someone may have to become a writer and write a story to cope with it. It’s Taylor’s turn to tell that kind of story.

The singer also talks about the inspiration behind making ‘All to Well’. In his words, “When we started watching romantic films in the 70s, the two characters were woven together so beautifully, so intimately! For example, ‘The Way We Were’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Kramer vs. Kramer.’ I fell in love with these films. I want to give people the same experience as emotions rumble in the stomach.”

It took 10 years to make the film. Also the song. ‘All To Well (Taylor’s Edition)’ was released in November 2021.

After winning the award for ‘All To Well’, Taylor announced her next album, ‘Midnights’. The story of 13 lonely nights is woven into the midnight song that fans have been waiting for. The album will be released on October 21.

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