Mon. May 29th, 2023
Sushmita Sen

There was an explosion. But the results were not far-reaching. If it had been, Sushmita Sen would have literally become Lalit Modi’s ‘better half’ during this period from July to November.

It didn’t happen like that, instead, the former beauty of the universe left Abhisar and put her mind to a lot of work. Returning to the big screen after 7 years. That too in the role of Brihannala. Bengallana Sushmita will play ‘Tali’ in the biopic of revolutionary social activist Gauri Sawant.

Did the former IPL great inspire Sushmita to do more? Lalit-Sushmita were not seen together in any post after July 14. Rather, Rohman Shall and Sushmita have been seen more and more close at home and outside. Two daughters Rene and Alisha also walked hand in hand with their Rohman uncle. Sushmita and her ex-partner Rohman, along with their two daughters, have been seen as a family on various occasions. He said they are still good friends. Has it become more than that again? No one spoke about it.

Earlier when Lalit almost sealed their relationship with a picture with Sushmita, Sushmita was seen posting a picture of herself with her two daughters and wrote, “Not married. Neither is the ring (an indicator of engagement). Unconditional love surrounds me. Many explanations have been given. Let’s get back to work this time.”

After that Sushmita returned to the work, and there is no rest. Actress Sushmita, who has been remembered for so long, is going to return in front of them in a different form as the talented and attractive teacher of ‘May Hoon Na’. He is in a stronger role this time in ‘Tali’. However, he has made his debut on the OTT stage. He was seen in the lead role in the television series ‘Ariya’ (2020-2021).

However, Sushmita was not in the news for a long time. He got lost and came back a few months ago. This time he is alone in the title. Won the universe, not in form! In celebration of life. Sushmita’s legs are 47 in talent-power-personality.


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