Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Demonstration at iPhone factory

Dissatisfaction is coming from different parts of China around the strict corona rules. This time, the protest spread in the world’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The video of the clash between the police and the protestors has spread through social media.

The workers claim that the authorities are cheating around the contract. Taiwan’s Foxconn manufactures Apple products in this factory. Assure them, workers will be paid according to the contract. The government is being contacted about this.

New corona infections are making headway in different parts of China. Over two and a half lakh people have been infected in the last three weeks. According to official figures, the number in the last 24 hours is 28,883. In line with the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Zero Covid’ policy, strict rules have been implemented in various areas.

Shops and offices are closed in all those places. Which has an adverse effect on the livelihood of the locals as well as on the global economy. According to sources, people’s frustration is also increasing in this situation. Anger is spreading, albeit sporadically. The government assured that the rules will be relaxed from this week. Recently, the workers protested against the unhealthy environment in the iPhone factory. The agency claimed that measures had been taken to prevent infection. This time the anger is about working conditions.

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